“When we first thought of using an online booking system, we wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible. Up until now, most of our staff have been using a paper diary. Being introduced to the Now Book It system was a dream…..the training, simple flow of making bookings, adding notes so that any time on any of our terminals we can update a customer’s details, have made the whole booking process far more efficient and accurate. The fact that your database is yours and it’s a low monthly fee, made going to Now book It very attractive for us. Thank you, Brandon and Simone” Robert Specogna, Centro CBD
“Now Book It is 15-20 times less expensive than our previous pay-per-booking platform. I love the events and functions platform that makes it easier and more affordable for our customers and us to take event and function bookings and payments.”Scott Taylor, The Shorehouse
“I especially like that my data is not being shared with any third party site and I have full control of my own database.”Tony Astle, Antoine’s
“My favourite part of the booking system is the simplicity of it, so user-friendly, easy to use and anyone can operate, even our older, less tech-savvy staff mention how much they love it!”Jess Osborne, RD Jones Group