10 Now Book It benefits for restaurants, cafes and bars

Now Book It offers an all-in-one online reservation system for restaurants big and small. Our booking solutions can add value to venues of all sizes: from multi-venue groups, to independent cafes, and wineries, breweries and bars. Our robust booking system is designed to put your business first, helping you find success in the competitive hospitality industry. 


Top hospitality venues choose to power their bookings with Now Book It

We work with hospitality businesses across Australia, New Zealand and more. When we begin working with a restaurants, we take the time to understand the business and their needs. Every feature that has come out of Now Book It is based on a customer’s feedback, issues they have faced and successes we’ve built together. 

Here are the 10 benefits of Now Book It that our customers find the most value in.

1. Take control of your guest database

Unlike other platforms, Now Book It makes 100% of your customer data available to you. Restaurants not only have exclusive ownership of their database for marketing purposes, they never have to worry about that guest information being used to market other businesses.

2. Personalise guest experiences with segments and booking tags

By providing restaurants control over their customer database, Now Book It also lets you profile your guest preferences easily. This means you can better segment your customer data for personalised dining experiences. Whether it’s a customer’s favourite wine, dietary requirements or average spend per head, customisable booking tags will make it easy to identify.

3. Increase customer spend with upsells

Increase your customer spend at the time of booking by prompting them to purchase a set menu, add matching wines for each course or have them pre-order a special. This is also where your customisations come in. If you see a regular coming in with a booking tag identifying their favourite dish, it’s easy to suggest an upsell.

4. Sell more with an in-built e-commerce platform

Our gift card, events and payment integrations enable your restaurant to offer and manage gift cards, sell event tickets, take booking deposits, set up online ordering and more. 

5. Make data-driven decisions based on booking insights

Booking insights are essential as they can tell you important trends such as peak days and the average size of dining parties. These can guide your operations, from staffing the right number of workers to planning table layouts. Link your restaurant’s Google Analytics to the Now Book It widget and learn where your bookings come from. 

10 Now Book It Benefits

6. Keep costs down with no booking fees

With Now Book It, you don’t pay for your customers to book every time they visit. We charge a low, flat monthly fee that makes the service sustainable for your business.

7. Reach more customers

Our customisable booking widget takes less than a minute to set up and fits seamlessly into your site. As opposed to sending customers to book on a third-party website,  it’s not only good for SEO but also ensures that everything is trackable using a Facebook pixel. This allows the steady growth of audiences you can retarget on social media during low seasons. Speaking of social media, Now Book It also lets your customers reserve directly on social with an easy integration! 

8. Turn customers into regulars with automated ‘thank you’ emails

Send an automatic email once your customer has dined from the Now Book It dashboard. A thank you email, with reasons to come back, is not only great customer service but a brilliant way to drive retention.

9. Direct customers to the next available booking or venue

The Next Available Booking feature ensures customers can see the next available slot if your venue is full for the day. If you have multiple venues and one of them is at capacity, you can create links to redirect them to one of your other venues, ensuring that both you and your customer don’t miss out.

10. Keep your branding front and centre

Your customers are not our customers, they’re yours! That’s why they’ll never see our branding in the reservation process, whether it’s the widget or reminder emails. We put your business and your brand first in all we do, making sure that guests have only your venue in mind when they book. 


Hear about beloved Now Book It benefits from a customer

“I’ve been with this company from the outset and it keeps getting better and better. It not only helps us with our restaurant bookings but now with events. We don’t need to pay multiple vendors. But the main thing is that we keep our database and don’t have the bookings companies sending our patrons competing offers from other restaurants. Also it is cheaper than those services. In my honest opinion, it’s the best platform out there.” – Brett Carboni, Tsunami Mosman Park

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