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Now Book It has been designed and continues to be led by our customers and the needs of the hospitality industry. It is regularly updated with new features based on feedback from our valued client partners, making it the most intuitive and feature rich system available.

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  • Take online reservations 24/7
  • Profile guests & know your customers
  • Receive local support & assistance
  • Online group bookings
  • Create & sell events
  • Offer waitlist & standby list
  • Integrated gift cards
  • Upsell items
  • Access all your customer data to learn valuable insights
  • Post dining win back email
  • Drive return visits
  • Sell out events
  • Sell gift cards
  • Drive more reviews to Google Business

  • Automated status updates between Now Book It & POS for seamless service
  • Redeem or partially redeem gift cards directly from your POS
  • Group availability view for multi-site operators
  • Integrated with Google and Facebook to track conversions on marketing activities
  • Set up an automated database marketing solution with your valuable customer data
  • Drive more bookings with Call to Action integrations with FB, Instagram, Google Retargeting, GAR, Best Restaurants, your website, and more
  • Promote upcoming events


Benefit from our range of integrations, including POS, Payment Solutions, Marketing, Events, and Functions.

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