Now book it is a great asset, not only with the day to day running of the restaurant and cellar door bookings, but helping to deal with the changing restrictions during the pandemic.

We are also excited to see the continuing developments with POS integration, allowing greater access to customer data and the ability to customise and market to our customers, both repeat and new.

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Torbreck Vintners is a winery located in the picturesque town of Marananga in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. The winery was founded in 1994 with the vision of creating one of the finest wine estates in the world. Torbreck Vintners is known for its extensive range of wines, with a particular emphasis on reds.

Torbreck Vintners has developed a cult following and is among Australia’s most collectable wines. The winery’s label has gained a reputation for producing high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Barossa Valley. The winery has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of the World’s Top 100 Wine Estates by Robert Parker.

What was the problem?

Torbreck Vintners’ ongoing commitment to excellence and highly awarded labels have contributed to their growth trajectory, with both domestic and international sales growing rapidly. As part of their strategic commitment to expanding their distribution footprint and building international trade relationships, the winery has several sales and marketing channels, including online, cellar door, and booked experiences.

With growing sales comes a growing operation, and Torbrek Vintners has recognised the need to focus on what they do best, which is growing wine and connecting people with their wine and brand.

Prior to partnering with Now Book It, Torbrek Vintners’ staff were often tied up on the phone making manual paper diary bookings, which limited their ability to be customer-facing. This manual booking process was time-consuming, and staff had to manually check and update the paper diary, which took away from their ability to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

How did we solve the problem for the client?

With the implementation of Now Book It, Torbrek winery was able to move away from their manual paper diary and phone call booking system, which was tying up staff and reducing their ability to provide customer-facing services such as cellar door tastings and events.

Now Book It was the first digital platform solution they used, and it allowed the team to manage all internal and external bookings, handle booking transactions, and keep records up to date. This resulted in a significant reduction in manual processes and phone calls, as customers were able to self-serve with simple booking transactions online.

Now all staff can access and have oversight of bookings, and be confident that data is correct and up to date. This has allowed Torbrek to streamline bookings and reduce errors. The introduction of a live system meant that Torbrek now has a 24/7 online presence for their customers. They can trust that the system is always up to date and manages all of their different booking needs. This reduces the pressure on Torbrek staff and allows them to focus on their core activities of making the best wines in the world.

Overall, the use of Now Book It has enabled Torbrek to operate more efficiently, with streamlined processes and increased customer satisfaction. The platform has provided excellent customer service, with the Now Book It team being quick and responsive to any questions and queries.


Now Book It has enabled us to capture customer data and get a greater understanding of who our customers are. We get to access all of the data in one place and use it to develop tailored marketing campaigns based on wine preferences. It’s a far more sophisticated and personalised approach. The upsell feature is a marketing tool that works exceptionally well for Torbreck and we have seen a significant increase in sales and spend per customer through use of this. Now Book it software is so simple to use for our team, they all love it and it makes their jobs that much easier. It has such an intuitive interface, even for the less tech savvy!


“It’s a one stop shop for all bookings, data, marketing and the ability to run our events or limited season tours gives us so much more flexibility that we’ve ever had before. It’s a gamechanger for streamlining the customer facing operations of our business. We put everything we have into our wines and it’s important to us that the customer service experience and journey compliments this.”


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