What happens if my internet drops out?

In the event of internet outage, Now Book It will keep running. You’ll still be able to view your existing bookings and customer database offline, and the online widget will prompt anyone trying to make a new booking to contact

How do I make changes to my widget and settings?

Our platform is designed to be clear, intuitive and easy to understand—giving you the full control to make changes to your bookings widget and table management settings any time you like. Once logged in, you can do things like create

How does the widget interact with our website?

The Now Book It widget is a unique URL you are provided with. This can be embedded into your website, or put underneath a “Reservations” or “Book Now” button. You can also add the widget link to the following mediums

What devices and browser do I require to run Now Book It?

Now Book It works on any wifi-enabled device, including desktop computer, laptop, tablet/iPads and mobile. Our system is optimised to be used on the Chrome browser (laptop/desktop computer) and Safari (mobile device). To take advantage of our software’s full suite

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