6 World’s Best Steak Restaurants to Book Now

The world’s best 101 steak restaurants have been announced, get ready to make some reservations and book some flights – you’re in for a rare treat! These restaurants are insta-worthy, adept with all cuts and have been awarded the accolade of best steaks on a global scale.

Close to home, we’re celebrating a great achievement for Australia that snagged a total of 11 out of 101 spots — five locations in Melbourne and six from Sydney. New Zealand also repped a spot on the list! 

Now Book It does the prep work for your steak escape with our six standouts to book right now. A well-done steak is off the cards here. 

No. 1 — Parilla Don Julio, Buenos Aires

best steak restaurant
Image source: Parilla Don Julio

In pole position, we have Parrilla Don Julio taking the title for the second year in a row! What makes this so brilliant? Meat Master Guido Tassi presents the finest local grass-fed Angus and Hereford beef from the region, which comes from their own sustainable breeding programs. If dining at the number one steak spot in the world isn’t enough, the restaurant also boasts top-shelf Argentinian bottles for a wine and dine experience.

Origin of Meat – Local grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle
Ageing Method – Mainly dry-aged beef for 21 days
Type of Grill – Bespoke multi-level wood grill

Ready to book a trip to Argentina?

No. 2 — Bodega El Capricho, Spain

best steak restaurant
Image source: Bodega El Capricho
Coming in at a close world second and awarded best steak in the Europe region is Bodega El Capricho in the León province of northern Spain. This is undoubtedly meat country and Meat Masters José Gordón and Diego Zarate take slow food to the next level with their six-month long dry age process. From what we’ve heard, the wait is worth it.

Origin of Meat – Cattle and breeds from the Iberian peninsula
Ageing Method – Self dry-aged beef for up to 180 days
Type of Grill – Oak charcoal and wood-fired grill

Are you taking notes for a steak stop along the Camino de Santiago trek?

No. 3 — Margaret, Sydney

australia's best steak restaurant
Image source: Margaret

In the third spot, we have Sydney’s finest Margaret. Margaret received the highest new entry and best steak restaurant in the Asia Pacific. We’re no stranger to the sheer talents of Neil Perry, Meat Master, renowned chef and newly crowned culinary icon by World’s 50 Best. But what makes the cuts at his Double Bay institution so good? The spirit of modern Australia cuisine, among many reasons:

Origin of Meat – Australian Hereford and Wagyu
Ageing Method – Wet and dry-aged beef
Type of Grill – Wood-fired grill

The common trend here seems to be the wood-fired grills, they could be on to something here! 

No. 8 — Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

australia's best steak restaurant
Image source: Rockpool
Another Sydney mention while we’re on the topic — Rockpool received 8th place on the list. A huge success and well-loved restaurant by many, serving locally-sourced beef. Rockpool has Meat Master Santiago Aristizabal on the charcoal grill, again with bespoke wood. While here, one might be inclined to up the steak meal with their equally good seafood and desserts. We warned you!

Origin of Meat – Blackmore’s Wagyu and Cape Grim Grass Fed Beef
Ageing Method – Dry-aged on premises
Type of Grill – Bespoke wood charcoal grill

Book a night to remember at Rockpool, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.

No. 17 — Steer Dining Room, Melbourne

melbourne's best steak restaurant
Image source: Steer Dining Room

In numerology, 17 stands for leadership, independence and self-determination — exactly the values of Melbourne’s finest, Steer Dining Room in 17th place. The New York-style steakhouse serves sought-after Kobe Wagyu among other prized cuts. When in Melbourne, this classy dining room gets a vote for steak night.

Origin of Meat – Diverse Australian and Japanese Wagyu selections
Ageing Method – In-house dry-aged
Type of Grill – High-temperature and Hibachi grill

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No. 69 — Fife Lane, Mount Maunganui

new zealand's best steak restaurant
Image source: Fife Lane

Another Now Book It location on the list, this time from New Zealand — Fife Lane. Located in Mount Maunganui close to the ocean, Meat Master Robbie Webber mans the heavyweight charcoal grill crafted and imported from Spain specially for the restaurant. This contemporary pick is both accessible and remarkable.  

Origin of Meat – Finest breeds and cuts from New Zealand
Ageing Method – Self dry-aged beef 
Type of Grill – Mibrasa oven, a closed charcoal grill

Another spot to add to your restaurant hit list, and you don’t need to wait.
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Full list of World’s Best 101 Steak Restaurants:

No. 1 Parilla Don Julio, Buenos Aires
No. 2 Bodega El Capricho, Jiménez de Jamuz
No. 3 Margaret, Sydney
No. 4 Cote, New York
No. 5 Carcasse, Koksijde
No. 6 I Due Cippi, Saturnia
No. 7 Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
No. 8 Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney
No. 9 AG, Stockholm
No. 10 Cut at 45 Park Lane, London
No. 11 Victor Churchill, Melbourne
No. 12 Hawksmoor, Dublin
No. 13 Casa Julián De Tolosa, Tolosa
No. 14 Asador Bastian, Chicago
No. 15 Los 33, Madrid
No. 16 Amaren, Bilbao
No. 17 Steer Dining Room, Melbourne
No. 18 Lana, Madrid
No. 19 Regina Bistecca, Florence
No. 20 Elisa, Vancouver
No. 21 Niku Steakhouse, San Francisco
No. 22 BeefBar, New York
No. 23 Capa, Copenhagen
No. 24 The Gidley, Sydney
No. 25 Jeffrey’s, Austin
No. 26 Prime Steak Club, Mexico City
No. 27 Dorian, London
No. 28 Aragawa, London
No. 29 La Braseria, Osio Sotto
No. 30 Beef & Glory, Vienna
No. 31 Gillis, Gent
No. 32 Holstein, Monterrey
No. 33 Tributo, Quito
No. 34 American Cut, New York
No. 35, Anahi, Paris
No. 36 Fogón, Buenos Aires
No. 37 Bifrò, Torino
No. 38 Bistecca, Singapore
No. 39 Bazaar Meat, Chicago
No. 40 Keens, New York
No. 41 Beast, London
No. 42 Klaw, Miami
No. 43 Trattoria Dall’oste, Florence
No. 44 Gwen, Los Angeles
No. 45 Bistecca, Sydney
No. 46 Clover Grill, Paris
No. 47 Guard and Grace, Denver
No. 48 Pasture, Cardiff
No. 49 Maven, Antwerp
No. 50 F.X. Buckley, Dublin
No. 51 Williams Butcher’s Table, Zurich
No. 52 Knife, Dallas
No. 53 Sala de Corte, Lisbon
No. 54 Grill Im Kunsterhaus, Munich
No. 55 Goodman, London
No. 56 Baltaire, Los Angeles
No. 57 Napa Grill, Zurich
No. 58 Asina Luna, Milano
No. 59 Piantao, Madrid
No. 60 Prime + Proper, Detroit
No. 61 Gallaghers, New York
No. 62 Swift & Sons, Chicago
No. 63 George Prime Steak & Raw Bar, Munich
No. 64 La Cabrera, Buenos Aires
No. 65 Asador Nicolàs, Tolosa
No. 66 Nick & Stef’s Steak House, Los Angeles
No. 67 Bavette’s Steak House, Chicago
No. 68 Beef, Kyiv
No. 69 Fife Lane, Mount Maunganui
No. 70 Fireside, Hong Kong
No. 71 Porteño, Sydney
No. 72 Elena, Buenos Aires
No. 73 Jacobs & Co Steakhouse, Toronto
No. 74 Lutyens Grill, London
No. 75 GT Prime, Chicago
No. 76 Temper, London
No. 77 Porter House, New York
No. 78 Brick Steakhouse, Guadalajara
No. 79 Le Boeuf Volant, Paris
No. 80 Gibsons Italia, Chicago
No. 81 Varrone, Milano
No. 82 Porter & Rye, Glasgow
No. 83 Grill Royal, Berlin
No. 84 Peter Luger, New York
No. 85 Minette Tavern, New York
No. 86 Entrecôte, Melbourne
No. 87 Dstrikt, Vienna
No. 88 Vuur, Stellenbosch
No. 89 Kingsleys, Sydney
No. 90 Beef, Geneve
No. 91 A Figueira Rubaiyat, São Paulo
No. 92 The Meat Co., Dubai
No. 93 Grill, Hamburg
No. 94 Gimlet, Melbourne
No. 95 Taberna Pedraza, Madrid
No. 96 Griffin’s Steakhouse, Stockholm
No. 97 Guinea Grill, London
No. 98 Grill Americano, Melbourne
No. 99 NV-80, Cape Town
No. 100 The Grand Bar & Grill, Helsinki
No. 101 The Steak House, Hong Kong

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