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Manage reservations, create seamless guest experiences, streamline processes, boost revenue, and drive repeat visits through an intuitive and simple to use platform especially designed for the hospitality industry.


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Australia & New Zealand’s most powerful table reservation platform trusted by 6,000+ restaurants – and growing!

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Why Now Book It

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  • Drive reservations from media partners
  • Improve your ability to be discovered on Google
  • Engage customers with events and ticketing
  • Online retargeting via social media platforms
  • Intuitive design and interface
  • Automated and efficient reservation process


  • Build rich customer profiles and increase spend per head through personalised data
  • Track your customers spend and visitation frequence
  • Allow customers to create their own experience
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with our VIP alert feature
  • Full range of integrations


  • Complete ownership of your customer data
  • Drive return customer visits via our marketing partners
  • Promote and sell events
  • Automated win back emails
  • White label offering enables your brand to remain front and centre
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Seamless Guest Experiences

Guest experiences are seamless and efficient using Now Book It's intuitive interface and automated reservation process.

Detailed Customer Insights

Turn your guest data into valuable insights by collecting information on average dollar spend, visit frequency, likes, dislikes and dining preferences.

Streamlined Conversions

Use your detailed customer insights to enable streamlined conversions. Allow customers to see vacancies across group venues, or fill empty tables with the convenient "standby list" function. Integrate gift card sales easily into your website.

Dynamic Marketing

Segment your database to customise and optimise your marketing campaigns. Drive return visits, sell out events, promote functions, increase gift card sales.


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MR.MICK Tim Adams

Now book it is a great asset, not only with the day to day running of...

Long Chim

Since joining Now Book It in 2018 with a desire to take more control...

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