1. The data

Unlike other platforms, Now Book It makes 100% of your customer data available for marketing purposes

2. Personalisation

Profile your guest preferences so you can segment your customer data for marketing. Capture your customers favourite wines, dietary requirements or their spend-per-head so you can  personalise their experience when they return.

3. Increase customer spend

Increase your customer spend at the time of booking by prompting them to purchase a set menu, add matching wines for each course or have them pre-order your signature dish.

4. In-built ecommerce platform

Allows you to sell gift cards, event tickets, take deposits, online ordering and more.


5. Track conversions

Install your restaurant Google Analytics ID direct in to the widget and learn where your bookings come from.

6. No booking fees

Don’t pay for your regulars to book every time they visit. We charge a low, flat monthly fee

7. Embedded booking widget

Sending traffic to the website to book, as opposed to a third party website, is not only good for SEO but can also be captured by a Facebook Pixel. This allows the steady growth of social media retargeting audiences. Our new customisable booking widget is so easy to install, it takes less than a minute.

8. Automated ‘thank you’ emails

Send an automatic email once your customer has dined from the Now Book It dashboard. A thank you email, with reasons to come back, is not only great customer service but a brilliant way to drive retention.

9. Direct customers to your other venues if you are full

If you have multiple venues and one of them is at capacity, you can create links to redirect them to one of your other venues, ensuring that both you and your customer don’t miss out.

10. No shady stuff

Your customers are not our customers, they’re yours! That’s why they’ll never see our branding, and we’ll never market other restaurants to your customers

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